A robotics club for ages 8 and up.

Why Competitive Robotics?

The more you can game-ify the process of learning, the better.

—Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors & SpaceX

Kickstart a Career

Every kid who is being trained in competitive robotics is being trained to “go pro.” A study published by the American Society for Engineering Education found that roughly 9 in 10 students who participated in competitive robotics were more interested in pursuing careers in science and technology as a result.

The Smart Sport

Like traditional sports, competitive robotics teaches life lessons such as how to collaborate with members of a team, set goals, and overcome adversity. Our sport is also one of the safest and does not take time away from academics. In fact, we dive deeper into STEM subjects than most classrooms.

Tools, Not Toys

Research shows that tweens are spending nearly 5 hours a day on a screen—mostly watching TV or playing video games. At RoboKai, we teach kids that computers and joysticks are not just toys but tools—empowering them to rely on their own imagination for fun rather than on the imagination of others.