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Class Info & Recordings

We use Zoom Meetings to conduct our online classes every Wednesday and Friday at 6:30pm. Access information is being sent to members via email. The topics we discuss will generally be the same on Wednesdays and Fridays. Members do not have to commit to one day or the other, and they may participate in both days if they wish.

We post recordings of past classes to an unlisted playlist on RoboKai’s YouTube channel. Click here to be taken to the complete playlist.

Links to specific recordings:

Week 1: Introduction to VEXCode VR & VEXCode Blocks IQ

Week 2: Using Control Blocks & Variables with Scripts

Week 3: Using Custom Blocks & Sensors

Week 4: Instead of posting a recording of the class, we’re posting the solution to the Disk Maze for VEXCode VR, which students can download and run, as well as links to the 2020-2021 VEX IQ Challenge site and to the SnapCAD software we discussed. Students should review the game manual for the new Challenge. If you have access to a Windows computer, you may download SnapCAD to begin virtual design of your robot. You may also find tutorial videos for SnapCAD at the link below.

Disk Maze Solution (ZIP file; extract and load into

2020-2021 VEX IQ Challenge – Rise Above (link includes video reveal and game manual)

SnapCAD (includes Windows software download, and link to video tutorials created by Robomatter @ Carnegie Mellon University)

Week 5: Dynamic Wall Maze Video & Dynamic Wall Maze Solution (ZIP file; extract and load into


Week 6: This week we unveiled the Spring League Maze Challenge game and robot. The students have been asked to build a program using VEXCode IQ Blocks that will navigate a pre-built robot to the end of a maze at RoboKai, while trying to score “risers” for bonus points. We will hold the Spring League Tournament at our facility on June 13, and if students are unable to attend in person we will livestream it.

We are providing the following resources to help students complete the challenge. Please email or call if you have trouble accessing any of the information or programs.

VEXCode IQ Blocks (free software, runs on all platforms, including tablets)

PDF Game Manual (includes critical field and robot measurements for building the program)

Starter Program (Extract this ZIP and load the program into VEXCode IQ Blocks to get started building the program. This starter program contains the correct sensors and motors.)

Video overview of the game and robot

Printable top view of the maze (for planning routes)

Week 7: Bumper and Gyro sensor tips for your Maze Challenge robot (Video)


Week 8: RoboKai announced a bonus challenge for students if they’d like a shot at winning another trophy. This challenge can be completed instead of or in addition to the Maze Challenge. Here is how it works:

        1. In VEXCode VR, there is a button at the top called “Activities.” Clicking it will take you to this page, which lists 23 different virtual programming activities.
        2. Each activity has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. RoboKai will award 1 point for every successfully completed beginner program, 2 points for intermediate programs, and 3 points for expert programs. Points are cumulative, so students may receive up to 6 points per activity.
        3. The max score for completing all activities is 138.
        4. Whoever scores the most points completing activities will be declared the Spring League Virtual Programming Champion.
Good luck!

Software & Resources

Below are links to software and others resources we have discussed in class. These list will be updated as needed.

Need Help?

Members may email or call Coach Jason with any questions or problems at or (804) 366-7190

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