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Learning Pods

With COVID-19 forcing many school districts to start the year in a virtual environment, some parents are looking for ways to enhance their children’s education through hands-on learning in an environment that allows them to safely socialize with their peers. One alternative is to form a learning pod.

What is a learning pod?

Learning pods are small groups of students led by one or two parents who meet at scheduled times for their schooling activities. Pods may combine virtual learning with hands-on activities.

What is RoboKai offering?

Our facility at Village Marketplace is well suited to host learning pods. We offer a classroom setting, with arrangeable worktables, chairs, a large whiteboard, a Smart TV, wifi, storage, and a bathroom. We have plenty of parking and large windows that fill the space with natural light. Under pandemic guidelines, we can accommodate up to two 4-student pods at a time.

Will RoboKai provide teachers or must pods have their own adult leaders?

For now, pods must have their own adult leaders. This allows us to keep costs low for families who do not need teaching and daycare services, but are simply looking for a reliable, safe, no-hassle space to meet with their pod.

What are the hours, fees, etc.?

Pricing will depend on the number of students in a pod and how often the pod wants to meet. The schedule will likely mimic the Chesterfield County public school schedule, which is yet to be announced.

I’m interested. What next?

Reach out to us using the form below, and someone will be in touch to discuss your pod’s needs.

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