A robotics club for ages 8 and up.

All-Ages League

Are you an adult who is fascinated by robotics and machines? Or maybe a former student who competed on a robotics team and misses the action?

RoboKai is looking for enthusiasts in the Richmond region who would be interested in creating an all-ages amateur robotics league. We have lots of ideas for how such a league would work, but would create it around the interests and desires of the community. We are thinking one option could be combat-style robotics with different divisions/classes open to all skill levels. We could set rules for equipment, much like you see in auto sports such as NHRA and NASCAR, but the emphasis would be on innovation and fun. Ideally, builders could compete in cash tournaments that are open to spectators. Another option could be competitions around innovation, such as puzzle-solving robots, Rube Goldberg machines, AI challenges, extreme gearing, etc.

If any of this sounds like something you’d be into, please use the form below to reach out. If we get enough interest, we’ll make it happen.

Are you interested in helping us create an all-ages league? Let us know.