Why RoboKai is the Smart Sport for Your Child

Check out this cool video by NOVA SySTEMic from the 2019 VEX IQ State Championships earlier this year.

It seems like everyone is talking about the importance of STEM education these days. That’s because all research is pointing to STEM-related fields as offering the greatest opportunities for high-paying jobs in the coming decades. This is especially true in Virginia, which is trying to position itself as the “Silicon Valley of the East Coast” when it comes to fields in advanced manufacturing, engineering, and computer science.

But having a STEM education is just part of the equation. There are so many soft skills that are needed to work as part of a team, especially in today’s global marketplace. Unlike other STEM programs that focus mostly on individual instruction, competitive robotics places a heavy emphasis on teamwork, time management, creativity, and strategic planning.

Here are some statistics to consider as you decide whether RoboKai is right for your child.

  1. STEM jobs are predicted to grow at a faster rate in Virginia than all other jobs, with advanced manufacturing leading the way, followed by computing and engineering. RoboKai teaches skills critical to all three.
  2. Median earnings for STEM job in Virginia are more than double all other jobs. At RoboKai, we are equipping all our students with hard and soft skills to “go pro.”
  3. According to the Education Commission of the States, young people who are exposed to engineering before high school can develop early interest in the field and improve their performance in math and science. But few students in Virginia get that kind of exposure. Among 8th graders, just one in five have teachers who, at least once a week, discuss the kinds of problems engineers solve. At RoboKai we discuss these problems in every class and workshop, and kids come up with solutions on real robots used in competitions.
  4. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the highest growth among occupations in architectural, engineering, and related services will be in mechanical engineering. At RoboKai, our students are designing, building, and programming machines every week.
  5. A study conducted by the American Society for Engineering Education found that roughly 80% of participants in the VEX Robotics Competition – the same program that RoboKai teams compete in – were more interested in pursuing engineering classes in college.
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